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Course #11101 - Understanding 2015 IRC

Course Expiration: May 26, 2018
Course Type: Contractor
Core Credit Hours: 6.0
Course Type: Electrician
Professional Credit Hours: 6.0
Course Type: Plumber
Core Credit Hours: 6.0
Course Name:Understanding 2015 IRC
Course Outline & Objectives:There have been significant changes made to the International Residential code (IRC) since the 2012 edition. This seminar will identify and review selected significant changes from the 2012 IRC to the 2016 IRC including the state amendments that affect them. *It assists code users in identifying changes that have occurred, and more importantly, understanding the reason behind the change. *It focuses on those code changes selected due to their frequency of application, special significance or change in application.
Course Schedule 10/6/17 Moab 10/17/17 Salt Lake 10/19/17 Richfield 10/26/17 Cedar City, UT 11/18/17 Cedar City, UT 5/18/18 Cedar City
Calendar Events
Date: 11/18/2017 Location: Iron
Date: 05/18/2018 Location: Iron
Date: 10/26/2017 Location: Iron
Date: 10/06/2017 Location: Grand
Date: 10/17/2017 Location: Salt Lake
Date: 10/19/2017 Location: Sevier
Keywords: IRC Code
Location(s): Utah Sevier Salt Lake Iron Grand Duchesne
Teaching Method: Live
Company Name: Home Builders Association of Utah
Phone: 801-352-8266
Address: 9069 S 1300 W
City: West Jordan
State: UT
Postal Code: 84088
Email Address:
The Course Provider is: a professional association or organization involved in the construction trades
Signup Link:
Instructor First Name: Ken
Instructor Last Name: Adams
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume:
Instructor Resume: Ken Adams Bio.doc
Instructor First Name: Jeanne
Instructor Last Name: Bullock
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume:
Instructor Resume: Jeanne Bullock BIO.doc
Instructor First Name: Eugene
Instructor Last Name: Peterson
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume:
Instructor Resume: 3-24-17 Bio of Eugene Peterson - written.pdf

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