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Course #11721 - DDC-4 Defensive Driving Course

Course Expiration: October 13, 2018
Course Type: Contractor
Professional Credit Hours: 4.0
Course Type: Electrician
Professional Credit Hours: 4.0
Course Type: Plumber
Professional Credit Hours: 4.0
Course Name:DDC-4 Defensive Driving Course
Course Outline & Objectives:The National Safety Council's DDC 4 course provides key understanding, skills and techniques to avoid collisions, reduce traffic violations and change driver behaviors and attitudes. Participants will acquire the basic knowledge and techniques to recognize potential hazards and avoid collisions and violation. The course will motivate them to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. Students will learn coping techniques for dealing with speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and hazardous traffic conditions and more. The result will be a more responsible driver who understands best practices to prevent injury and death while driving a motor vehicle
Objective FileThe National Safety Council.docx
Course Schedule 10/20/2016 8/23/2017 10/19/2017
Calendar Events
Date: 10/20/2016 Location: Salt Lake
Date: 08/23/2017 Location: Weber
Date: 10/19/2017 Location: Salt Lake
Keywords: Defensive Driving
Location(s): Weber Salt Lake
Teaching Method: Live
Company Name: Workers Compensation Fund
Phone: 385-351-8103
Address: 100 W Towne Ridge Parkway
City: Sandy
State: UT
Postal Code: 84070
Email Address:
The Course Provider is: a commercial continuing education provider related to the construction trades
Signup Link:
Instructor First Name: Doug
Instructor Last Name: Love
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume:
Instructor Resume: Doug Love.pdf

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