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Course #13511 - Hot Water Heater Low NOx Installation

Course Expiration: March 5, 2020
Course Type: Contractor
Core Credit Hours: 1.0
Course Type: Plumber
Core Credit Hours: 1.0
Course Name:Hot Water Heater Low NOx Installation
Course Outline & Objectives:The course will review the things to watch for and be concerned with regarding the new Low NOx water heaters that the State of Utah will require in July. This class will provide an overview of the things to watch for in venting and to ensure that installation is according to code.
Course Schedule March 8, 2018
Calendar Events
Date: 03/08/2018 Location: Davis
Location(s): Davis
Teaching Method: Live
Company Name: Utah Plumbing and Heating Contractors Association
Phone: 801-307-5500
Address: PO Box 1718, Bountiful, UT 84011
City: Bountiful
State: UT
Postal Code: 84011
Email Address:
The Course Provider is: a professional association or organization involved in the construction trades
Instructor First Name: Dave
Instructor Last Name: Lovell
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume: Dave Lovell is co-owner of the Lovell Company a plumbing supply company that has been in business for 1958. Dave graduated from the University of Utah in Marketing in 1973. The Lovell Company consults owners, designers, engineers, contractors and distributors on a daily basis regarding plumbing applications.

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