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Welcome to the Division of Consumer Protection's Online Tools. You are able to file an Initial Application or file a Renewal Application for a Utah Charitable Organization Permit. Your permit will expire on the earlier of January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1 following the completion of 12 months after the date of the initial issuance. Permits that are issued pursuant to your Renewal Application will expire on the same date one year later. There is a non-refundable $75.00 fee for these applications.

Be advised: At the end of this application you will be asked to make a payment using a major credit card. You will not be able to submit your application without paying the application fee and any applicable late fees. This site is designed to work with all web browsers. When uploading documents, we recommend you use the latest version of IE, Firefox, or Chrome. If you use older browsers, your file uploads may take longer.

Charities now allows you to create one account to manage and view the status of all your Applications. Please login to your Utah.gov account or create a new account to get started.

Please Note

Important notice regarding business confidentiality claims pursuant to the Government Records Access and Management Act: If you wish to make a claim of business confidentiality with respect to any information in this application or with respect to records you provide to the Division, please be aware of the following law: "Any person who provides to a governmental entity a record that the person believes should be protected under 63G-2-305(1) [trade secrets] or (2) [commercial information or nonindividual financial information] or both Subsections 63G-2-305(1) and (2) shall provide with the record: (A) a written claim of business confidentiality; and (B) a concise statement of reasons supporting the claim of business confidentiality."

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