At the point of service, an authorized representative enters basic information, such as ID number, first, middle and last name, and date of birth, exactly as it appears on the document.

ValIDate searches the official database of the Driver License Division, providing real-time results in a few seconds. No personal information is revealed via this service. The authorized user simply enters select data fields from the card presented, and the ValIDate service verifies that the data entered matches the data on file with the issuing agency. The following results will be provided.

Info graphic of match and no match returns

Options for Accessing ValIDate

Online Access - The service can be used at Utah.gov/Validate

Web Service - ValIDate may also be incorporated into your institution's banking system through a direct web service, making it available to authorized users such as account representatives, loan officers, tellers, and others without full internet access. This option requires some technical development by the institution in coordination with Utah Interactive. If you are interested in discussing this option, please send an email to verify@utahinteractive.org.