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  • To begin, enter your full License Number as shown on your renewal notice.
  • Next, enter your Renewal ID number found on your renewal notice.
  • Finally, enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number. (If your license is for a business, company, or firm, leave this field blank.)

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Enter your full License Number, including the four-digit extension.

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If your license is for a business, company, or firm, leave the SSN field blank.

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I have multiple Utah licenses.

If you have a secondary license (i.e. controlled substance license), it will renew at the same time as your primary license. Simply use your primary license number when logging in, and both licenses will be processed together.

If your contractor license has more than one license classification, all classifications will renew together.

If you hold more than one primary license or multiple contractor licenses, you must complete the online renewal process separately for each license.
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Unlawful Conduct: Your license will automatically expire unless you renew it prior to its expiration date. If your license expires, you may not practice until a new license is issued. Subsection 58-1-501(1)(a) and Section 58-1-502, U.C.A., make it unlawful and punishable as a criminal offense to practice your occupation or profession beyond the expiration of your license.