Welcome to the Utah State Board of Education's Online License Renewal System

This online license renewal system is available for expired Level 2 and Level 3 Utah Professional Educator License holders. For information on other license applications or renewals, please go to www.schools.utah.gov/cert, or call Educator Quality and Licensing, Utah State Board of Education at 801-538-7740.

If you have not completed the fingerprint background check during the school year in which you wish to renew your license, click here. If you have not received an email stating your fingerprints have cleared (usually 15 to 20 days after electronic scan), do not proceed to request license renewal.

Before you begin:

Your online licensing renewal transaction is subject to audit. You are required to keep the License Renewal Form in your files for one year. You may be required to make this file available to the Utah State Board of Education if you are selected for audit.