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Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

Details for Kim Ray Terry

License Information

Name: Kim Ray Terry
City, State, Zip, Country: Veyo UT 847824067 United States
Profession: Private Probation Provider
License Type: Private Probation Provider
License Number: 8251204-5001
Obtained By: Application
License Status: Surrendered
Original Issue Date: 10/29/2013
Expiration Date: 08/18/2016
Agency and Disciplinary Action*: YES     View Actions
Docket Number: 2016-770


School Name Major Graduation Date Degree
J. Chapman Academy 2012-03-13 Certificate of Completion

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This information is accurate as far as is contained in the Division's official records. It does not reflect whether an entity required to maintain a current registration with the Division of Corporations is current in that registration. You can verify such status at Additionally, this verification does not show a complete license history or interruptions of licensure. Original issue dates listed as 01/01/1910 and 01/01/1911 were unknown at the time the Division implemented its first electronic licensing database.

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