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Personal Driving Record

Request Your Driving Record

This service allows you to purchase your personal MVR (otherwise known as a driving record). You may not purchase an MVR for anyone other than yourself. Your credit card/debit card billing information will be matched with your driver license record on file. Please note that for security purposes this information must match. If you do not have a credit card/debit card with updated information that matches your driver license record, you may obtain an MVR in person at a local field station.

For more information about obtaining an MVR by mail or office visit, please go to this website:

If you have not completed the application process or if you are a Commercial License holder, this online service is currently not available to you. You may obtain an MVR in person at a local field station.

By submitting a request and making payment, you certify that you are the person of record on the MVR, and that you are requesting your personal information.

Request Your Personal Driving Record