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This free application provides UTA ridership with the unique experience of viewing real time vehicle information in order to catch your transportation on time. This application is not intended to provide trip planning.

Location Accuracy: The accuracy of the users location may vary depending on the device being used. Mobile devices utilizing a data plan tend to pinpoint the users location with more accuracy whereas devices using wifi hotspots to connect to the web are less accurate.

Refresh Rate: The real time vehicle positions provided by UT OnTime are on a 5 second refresh cycle.

Google Glass Help

Glass Subscription Help

From the route map page you can set an alert for a stop. While setting up an alert for a stop, you can choose to be notified by: mobile SMS or Google Glass. You will then prompted to activate notifications through your Google account for Glass.

Subscription Management

Unsubscribe from Notifications

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Unsubscribe for Google Glass

Glass subscribers can unsubscribe through the google account associated with their Glass device.
Log Into Google Account Permissions → and Revoke Access

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