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Utah State Construction Registry

SCR Guide ⟩ Owners

The State Construction Registry (SCR) helps keep property owners informed of all parties that supply services, materials and/or equipment to a construction project on their property.

Through the SCR, property owners can list all parties that are expecting payment and have filed a Preliminary Notice to preserve their lien rights. Complete knowledge of all parties involved allows owners to utilize joint check agreements, direct pay arrangements, and / or lien releases to insure everyone gets paid and the property remains lien free.

If you want to receive notices for your property, please Request Notification for your address. The SCR "Notification" provides owners and other interested parties with automated email notifications anytime a Notice is filed in SCR for that address.

How to request Notification:

  1. 1) Log into SCR with an existing account or create one.
  2. 2) Click on "Request Notification" and fill out the form
  3. 3) Make a one time payment of $5.00