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Utah State Construction Registry

SCR Guide ⟩ Quick Response (QR) Bar Codes

QR codes are special bar codes that can be read by a mobile phone's camera. Most of the QR readers are free for smart phones. If you don't already have a reader, go to your phones app store/market place and search for "QR Reader".

All SCR filings have these square codes with a link back to the details of that filing.

SCR QR Codes will save you time because you won't have to find and write down all of the job information: Owner, Original Contractor, Job Address, County and Parcel Numbers.

If the SCR filing is posted on the job site, everyone working on the job would be able to scan the QR code and use the correct job information in their Preliminary Notice without having to type it in again.

If the mobile device has internet access on the job site, the person could even complete a Preliminary Notice right then. All of the key information such as the property address, owner, general and parcel number would be automatically entered for them. They would only have to type in the contact information for the person who hired them.

Internet access is not required to scanned a QR code so the codes can be posted on remote job sites and still function perfectly.

If a QR code is scanned on the job site without internet access, the link should be stored QR Reader and used later to file the Preliminary Notice.