It's good to be On the Spot

How Does On the SPOT Work?

Safety and Inspection Stations

Inspection stations now have the ability to issue full DMV renewals as well as 15-day temporary permits to their customers while they wait. Renewals can be provided for vehicles, boats, and watercraft.

Boat and Watercraft do NOT require safety and emissions inspections, thus the boat/watercraft does not need to be present for the renewal. Just enter the information required, as you would for a vehicle renewal, minus the safety and inspection information.

If you are interested in also selling boat and watercraft decals, add the decals in your next inventory order. Boat decals will be available during the boating season only. You will also be able to order a poster promoting the new service.

Step by Step Demonstration

Boat and Watercraft locations

Similar to Safety and Inspection Stations, concessionaires at or near marinas will now be able to offer full DMV renewals for boats and watercraft, and even vehicles if you also offer safety and emissions services at your location.

Offering renewals at your location provides you an opportunity to further meet your customers' needs. It will be a valuable service to those who arrive at the marina with an expired registration - the convenience of purchasing a renewal is better than risking a citation. Additionally, it will be a great add-on service for indoor boat storage customers who use your services to prepare for boating season.

Once you have signed up for On the SPOT, you can order decals directly from the State DMV and issue them to your customers. You do not need to pay for the decals; you simply pay for their shipment to your offices.

Boat and Watercraft do NOT require safety and emissions inspections. Just enter the information required and pay for DMV fees with a credit card.