It's good to be On the Spot

How Does On the SPOT Work?

Inspection stations who have been in business and performing inspections for at least 6 months can apply to be an On the Spot renewal location. As an approved station you will have the ability to issue full DMV renewals as well as 15-day temporary permits to your customers while they wait. Renewals can be provided for most vehicles.

If you are interested in also issuing off highway, snowmobile and watercraft decals you must request, and be approved, by the DMV to order this type of inventory. Station location, accuracy, station volume and customer need for these decal types will be considered when this type of decal is requested.

Off Highway vehicles, snowmobiles and watercraft do NOT require safety and emissions inspection and do not need to be present for the renewal. You will enter the information required, as you would for a vehicle renewal, minus the safety and inspection information.

Once you have signed up for and been approved to be an On the SPOT location, you will order decals directly from the DMV. There is no charge for the decals. However, you must obtain a valid shipping account with FedEx or UPS to securely ship the decals to your station. You are responsible for shipping charges from the DMV to your location. Failure to maintain the account and pay shipping charges will result in removal from the program.

Offering renewals at your location provides you an opportunity to further meet your customers' needs.

To see the renewal process click on the step by step demonstration below.

To sign up to be an On the Spot renewal station please visit the How Do I Sign Up tab.

Step by Step Demonstration