Penalty and Interest Calculator

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and Interest
For 2021 tax year returns only. This will calculate penalties and interest for individual income or fiduciary taxes, such as for late-filed or late-paid returns.
Interest Only
This will calculate interest (no penalties) for most tax types*, such as for an amended return with additional tax due.
* Do not use this for IFTA taxes or for Individual Income or Fiduciary taxes with penalties owing.

Except as otherwise provided for by law, the interest rate for a calendar year for all taxes and fees administered by the Commission shall be calculated based on the federal short-term rated determined by the Secretary of the Treasury under Section 6621, Internal Revenue Code, and in effect for the preceding fourth calendar quarter.

In the case of underpayments, deficiencies, and delinquencies, simple interest shall be calculated at the rate of two percentage points above the federal short-term rate.

Interest on any underpayment, deficiency, or delinquency of any tax or fee administered by the Commission shall be computed from the time the original return is due, excluding any filing or payment extensions, to the date the payment is received.

It is unlawful for any person, with intent to evade any tax, to fail to timely remit the full amount of tax required by the provisions of the Individual Income Tax Act. A violation of the Individual Income Tax act is punishable as provided in UC Section 59-1-401.