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Utah Trademark Manager

Details for Filing 10706542-0190

Applicant Details:
*Applicants Name: Utah Filmmakers
*Street:867 S Concord ST
Address 2:
*City:Salt Lake City, Utah
*Postal Code:84104
*Organization Type:
State organization was registered or organized:
General Partner Name:
Description of Trademark or Service Mark (MARK):
*The mode or manner in which the MARK will be used:
*Describe the good or service associated with the MARK: (U.C.A. 70-3a-308 product & service list):
*Postal Code:84104
Filing Status:Active
Start Date:02/02/2018
Expiration Date:02/02/2028

Federal Filing Status

Input LabelDisplay
Has this MARK been Federally filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office? No
If yes, Filing Date: n/a
Serial Number: n/a
Current Status: n/a
Reason refused: n/a