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Uniform Commercial Code Filing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ANSI text?

ANSI (pronounced "ansee") is an acronym, which stands for "American National Standards Institute" and is used to describe files that are stored in clear text format. ANSI text is one of the simplest forms of text, meaning there is little to no formatting mechanism within the document and the text is not platform or application specific. Because of its simplicity, ANSI text enables anyone to view a collateral description on-line exactly how a UCC Filer constructed it.

How does ANSI work?

In technical terms, ANSI is a coding scheme, which assigns numeric values to letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and certain other characters. By standardizing the values used for these characters, ANSI enables computers and computer programs to exchange information regardless of platform. There are 256 standard ANSI codes, each of which can be represented by a binary number. Because ANSI is the de facto worldwide standard for these code numbers, the standard ANSI character set is universal among microcomputer hardware and software. This is good news for Internet users because now you can write or paste an ANSI text document, such as a UCC collateral description, into our Online UCC Filing System and it will be easily stored and retrieved exactly as it was filed.

Why do I have to file my UCC collateral description in ANSI text?

There are many different word processing applications that exist, such as Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, ClarisWorks, etc. that operate on various computer platforms such as Windows or Macintosh. These various word processing applications code text in different ways and they allow significantly more detail and customization to text compared to the functionality associated with ANSI text. Currently, online UCC filers use the copy and paste function to enter UCC collateral descriptions rather than retyping it into our filing system. We understand the need for this functionality, however, there is a problem that results when this function is used from a non-ANSI format. Essentially the UCC Filing System, on occasion, has trouble deciphering the correct text representation for complex text that was written in a non-ANSI format. Therefore, the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code has decided to standardize the text that will be accepted by the UCC Filing System and that standard is ANSI text. By standardizing the text format the UCC Filing System will be able to eliminate the occasional collateral description discrepancy. From now on, ANSI text will be the only text format that the system will accept for UCC Filings. All submissions that contain any other formatting will be stripped from a filing and displayed for your review. However, please note that there will be additional benefits in mandating this standard, such as filing continuations, terminations and eventually amendments all online.

How do I create an ANSI text file?

There are a couple of different methods available to create an ANSI text file with any of the various word processors. This walk through assumes that you have an existing file that non-ANSI text; therefore, a conversion process will be described. In the following, Microsoft Word will be used as the reference, but the procedure will be similar for most Windows based word processing software.

1. Convert Existing File to ANSI Text

Start WORD or Microsoft Word and "open" the document you want to convert. Under the menu item "File" select the "Save As" command. This will open a new window titled "Save As." Make note of the "Save In" location that is listed in the upper left hand corner of this new window and make any necessary changes. Please take note of the "File Name:" listed. You can either leave this name as is or modify it accordingly.

Next, under the "Save as type:" drop down selection you will need to click on "Text Only" in Word or "Plain Text" in Microsoft Word.Once this is completed in Word, "Text Only" will be displayed in the quot;Save as type:" text box or "Plain Text" in Microsoft Word. Next, click "Save." This will load an alert message that states ANSI text additions may contain features that are not compatible with Text Only format. Click "Yes" to create the ANSI file and then close the file.

2. Review the ANSI text file for any discrepancies

In WORD, "open" the ANSI text file you just created. If you don't see the file in the appropriate location make sure that you change the "Files of type:" to "All Files." Once the file is open you will notice that your text is no longer formatted in any way; this is how it is supposed to look. Review the text and make sure it is consistent with your expectations. Please note, some characters and customized formatting will not be translated in ANSI, for instance, customized fonts, symbols, bulleted lists, bolded text, font size, tabs, etc.

3. Copy and Paste the ANSI text into the UCC Collateral Description text box

Under the menu item "Edit" click on the "Select All" command. This will highlight all of the text within the document. Next use the "Copy" command to capture this text to the Windows clipboard. Open your web browser to the UCC Collateral Description entry page. Create an entry point in the text box by clicking in it. From here, use the windows keyboard "paste" command, Ctrl + v, to insert the ANSI text.

Must I be a subscriber to file a UCC statement online?

No, filings may be submitted using a major credit card (eg MC, VISA, AMEX). Filings may also be submitted using a subscriber account.

What are the benefits to becoming a subscriber?

Please click here to learn about the benefits.

What types of UCC filings can I do online?

At the present time, you can file a UCC I Financing Statement with multiple debtors, secured parties and collateral items, UCC 3 Amendment Terminations and Continuations subject to the pricing schedule. NOTE: UCC I Financing Statements that have the designation of Transmitting Utility, Public Finance Transaction, or Manufactured Home MUST be submitted to the division in-house. All other UCC transactions must be filed using traditional means submitted on the national form with the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Please check further information at

Can I print the UCC information from my PC?

Yes. After you have finished inputting your UCC information, you will see a button labeled "View and Print Your UCC Filing Information". Clicking that button will allow you to print a copy of the information you submitted. Once you have input your UCC information, you will need to print it for your records. You will Not have another chance to print the UCC information. No other documentation nor notices will be forthcoming from the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Should you experience difficulty printing the acknowledgement please contact the division at 801-530-4849

What happens if I decide not to continue filing during the process and close my browser?

All information will be lost. You will need to start over from the beginning. It is strongly recommended that you complete your transaction before closing your browser.

What if my PC crashes during a session?

All information will be lost. You will need to start over from the beginning.

Where can I find information on revised Article Nine?

How long after submitting a UCC will it appear in the UCC Search database online?

Upon completion and acceptance of information provided on online the filing of a UCC 1 Financing Statement and/or UCC 3 Amendment Termination and/or Continuation will immediately be available to view through the UCC Search database located at: /uccsearch/uccs

If I filed my statement incorrectly, how can I correct it?

Any errors located within a UCC Financing Statement and/or Amendment should be reported to the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code within 30 days of filing in order to be corrected free of charge. After 30 days a UCC 3 Amendment should be filed to reflect any changes within a filing. A UCC 5 Correction does not correct any information within a UCC filing, it merely attaches as a statement to the filing that something is either erroneous or incorrect within a filing.

How do I Amend my UCC filing?

You must download and print a UCC 3 Financing Amendment, complete the form and return it to the Department of Commerce. All information submitted to the Division must be typed.

How do I contact the Division of Corporations concerning other UCC filing questions?

Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
160 E. 300 South
Salt lake City, UT 84111
(801) 530-4849
(877) 526-3994

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