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Uniform Commercial Code Filing

Description of Fees

Utah Uniform Commercial Code Filing Online Information Included Processing Fee
UCC Financing Statement (Form UCC1 information) Up to 2 Debtors, 1 Secured Party, 1 Collateral item $12.00
Financing Statement additional information 1 additional Debtor, and/or 1 additional Secured Party, and/or 1 additional Collateral item $12.00
UCC Continuation Statement (Form UCC3 information) Up to 1 UCC3 Continuation Filing $12.00
UCC Termination Statement (Form UCC3 information) Up to 1 UCC3 Termination Filing $0.00
Note: For all other UCC-related transactions, please see or call (877) 526-3994 Toll-Free for Utah Residents or (801) 530-4849 during the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday

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