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If you work for government in Utah and would like more information about the services we provide or would like to set up a meeting with NIC Utah’s Product Management Team to discuss a project, please contact us. If this is an emergency, please see our emergency contact list.

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Local Phone: 801.983.0275

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Utah.Gov is a full service state government Web portal that includes information and online services (fully executable transactions, searches, filings, live 24/7 customer help, etc) for Utah’s businesses and citizens. It is the entry point to over 1200 state, federal, and local online government services.

With a primary focus on the 2.9 million residents of Utah, it receives approximately 1.5 million unique visitors per month. In 2014, this amounted to 640 million page views. Additionally Utah.Gov receives visits from throughout the world. Utah.Gov responds to the needs of Utah’s population by incorporating new innovations and technology in ways that simplify interaction with government and improve quality of life for the public.

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