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Instructions for Placement of Utah
WATCH YOUR CAR Decals on Your Vehicle

The WATCH YOUR CAR decals are a self-adhesive material that is easily seen at night. The decals are to be attached to the OUTSIDE of the vehicle, and according to Utah law, their placement is limited to the areas listed below.

watch your car front decal
Front Decal is to be placed along the top edge of the windshield in an area not to exceed three inches to right or left of center, and is not to extend downward more than four inches from the top edge. This decal contains information and notification that it is a federal offense to remove the decal without the owner's permission.

watch your car rear decal
Rear Decal is round and is to be placed on the vehicle's back window, driver's side at the lower (left) corner. This decal serves as a beacon to law enforcement officers that the vehicle is registered in the WATCH YOUR CAR program.

NOTE: The WATCH YOUR CAR decals must be placed in the areas described above. If you have any questions as to the decals placement please contact your local law enforcement agency.