Utah Watch Your Car Program Withdrawal Form
If you wish to withdraw your vehicle from the Utah Watch Your Car Program
Print out this form, complete it in its entirety and mail it to the
Utah Vehicle Theft Prevention Council
Utah Address Goes Here

Registered Owner's Last Name First Name Middle Name

Street Address

City County State Zip Code Area Code & Telephone #
License # Make Model Year Style Color
Vehicle Identification Number (17 digits)

I/we are the owner(s)of the above-described vehicle and are requesting that the vehicle be withdrawn from the Utah Watch Your Car Program.

I/we understand that the vehicle's identifying information will be removed from the statewide Watch Your Car computer database.

I/we hereby certify that both Utah Watch Your Car decals have been fully removed from the above-described vehicle.

Printed Name Owner # 1 Signature Owner # 1


Printed Name Owner #2 Signature Owner # 2



All Above Information Required to be Printed Except Signatures (Kindly Use Ink)

Please check only one:

I/we elect to have my/our vehicle removed from the "Watch Your Car" Program. I/we still own the vehicle and have removed both decals.


I/we have sold or transferred the vehicle and have removed both decals.

  The registered vehicle is no longer operable or in my/our possession and I/we have removed both decals.

Please remove my/our vehicle from the Watch Your Car program because: (Please Explain)