Business Renewal

Division of Corporations and Commercial Code



Renewing your registration with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code is simple and efficient. This application will ask you to enter information directly from your renewal notice, so have a copy of the notice on hand to proceed.

After entering your information, you will be presented with a fee total, including any possible late fees that you may have incurred. At this time you will be given the ability to enter in your credit card information to make immediate payment. If your credit card can be validated, you will receive a confirmation of renewal that you may print for your records. 

Who can use this service

The following entity types may use this service:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • DBAs
  • Business Trusts
Current status must be Active or Delinquent in order to renew your filing.

What you will need

To complete your online renewal you will need:

1. Five minutes to complete the process.
2. Your renewal notice mailed to you by the Department of Corporations.
3. A valid credit card.

Utah Code Requirements

Limited Liability Companies must have a manager or member with managing 
authority submit the renewal (U.C.A. 48-2c-203);

Limited Partnerships must have a general partner submit the renewal 
(U.C.A. 48-2a-210).

Renewal Schedule

All entities must renew yearly

DBA's and Business Trusts renew every three years;

Current Renewal Fees PLUS Late Fee if Applicable

Domestic & Foreign Profit Corporations $15.00 Late Fee $25.00
Domestic & Foreign Nonprofit Corporations $10.00 Late Fee $20.00
Limited Liability Company $15.00 Late Fee $25.00
Limited Partnership $15.00 Late Fee $25.00
Limited Liability Partnership $22.00 Late Fee $ N/A
DBA $22.00 Late Fee $ N/A
Business Trust $22.00 Late Fee $ N/A