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Course #12181 - Project Management

Course Expiration: February 14, 2019
Course Type: Contractor
Core Credit Hours: 6.0
Course Type: Electrician
Professional Credit Hours: 6.0
Course Type: Plumber
Professional Credit Hours: 6.0
Course Name:Project Management
Course Outline & Objectives:This course presents an overview of Construction Business Practices including heavy civil, industrial, commercial, and residential construction. Includes who the primary players are in a construction project and breaks them down into the roles each of them play. Introduces modern delivery methods including Design , Bid , Build, Design Build and Integrated Project Delivery and the pro?s and con?s that come with each method. Reviews Bidding and Estimating methods and procedures. Including, invitations to bid, scope of work, capabilities, costs, location factors, scheduling, CSI specification manual, job costs vs. overhead, take-offs and waste factors. Addresses bidding ethics and how bid shopping, bid peddling and bid rigging effect the bidding and estimating process and the construction industry. This course covers and defines the roles and duties of Project Managers, Superintendents and Foreman. Addresses the project manager?s role in risk management, project buyout, shop drawings and submittals, daily labor reports, daily job reports, meeting minutes, change orders and successful delegation techniques. Reviews characteristics and competencies of successful project managers and superintendents including communication, team building, organizational strategy, resource management, collaboration, advocacy, being proactive and creativity. Discusses types of scheduling methods including calendars, Gantt charts and the critical path method and the pro and cons associated with each and some of the available software programs.
Course Schedule West Jordan - Jan 25, Feb 15, March 1, March 15, March 29 Logan - March 1, March 29, April 26, May 3, June 28 St. George - Jan 19, Feb 23, March 23, April 20,May 18, June 22
Calendar Events
Date: 01/19/2018 Location: Washington
Date: 02/23/2018 Location: Washington
Date: 03/23/2018 Location: Washington
Date: 04/20/2018 Location: Washington
Date: 05/18/2018 Location: Washington
Date: 06/22/2018 Location: Washington
Date: 03/01/2018 Location: Cache
Date: 03/29/2018 Location: Cache
Date: 04/26/2018 Location: Cache
Date: 05/03/2018 Location: Cache
Date: 06/28/2018 Location: Cache
Date: 01/25/2018 Location: Salt Lake
Date: 02/15/2018 Location: Salt Lake
Date: 03/01/2018 Location: Salt Lake
Date: 03/15/2018 Location: Salt Lake
Date: 03/29/2018 Location: Salt Lake
Keywords: Bidding, change orders, Estimating
Location(s): Weber Washington Wasatch Utah Summit Salt Lake Iron Cache
Teaching Method: Live
Company Name: Home Builders Association of Utah
Phone: 801-352-8266
Address: 9069 S 1300 W
City: West Jordan
State: UT
Postal Code: 84088
Email Address:
The Course Provider is: a professional association or organization involved in the construction trades
Signup Link:
Instructor First Name: Ken
Instructor Last Name: Adams
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume:
Instructor Resume: Ken Adams Bio.doc
Instructor First Name: Ross
Instructor Last Name: Ford
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume: Over 20 years as a general contractor. Construction Management Degree, and MBA. Instructor for UVU technology management.

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