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Continuing Education Courses


What is the Continuing Education Registry?

Who is required to use the Continuing Education Registry?

Why do I have to take courses from the registry?

Who can take the CE?

Can more than one person take the CE hours to renew the contractor's license?

How many CE hours are required?

What is the difference between core and professional credits?

What if I have earned more hours than the required amounts?

What if I have more than one license?

CE Courses: How do I find courses to take?

What kinds of courses are offered?

How do I sign up for the course(s)?

What do I do after I finish the course?

How do I know the hours have been sent over to DOPL?

I finished the course, it has been more than 2 weeks, but the hours are not showing in DOPL's system

Why aren't the costs of the courses shown here on the registry?

Courses NOT listed on the CE Registry: What if I have taken courses not listed on the CE Registry?