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Course #12757 - Framing Knowledge You Can Build On

Course Expiration: August 15, 2019
Course Type: Contractor
Core Credit Hours: 3.0
Course Name:Framing Knowledge You Can Build On
Course Outline & Objectives:This course highlights what you need to know about framing with plywood and OSB. Learn proper installation requirements and how to prevent costly callbacks. Understand how engineered wood products are made and their impact on the environment. Also, know where to find information and resources for your construction projects. Course Outline & Objectives 1. Introduction to Engineered Wood a. Environmental b. Different types c. Cross orientation (i.e. plywood) 2. OSB & Plywood Applications ? Which Panel Should I Use? a. Are plywood and OSB interchangeable b. Bond Classification ? Exterior and Exposure 1 c. When plywood? 3. OSB & Plywood Grades ? Does It Really Matter? a. What is structural I? b. Plywood grades 4. Shear Wall Basics? a. Types of failures ? Base Shear, Racking, Overturning? b. What is a shear wall? 5. Proper Panel Installation & Common Framing Mistakes a. Right & Wrong Installation i. Direction ii. Span (roof with increased truss spacing & ? bearing surface) iii. Spacing iv. Gluing v. Nailing b. Useful APA Publications i. Overdriven fasteners ii. Narrow pieces for shear walls iii. Panel spacing iv. Heavy drywall carts v. Formaldehyde emissions vi. Hardwood floors vii. Reroof application 6. Radiant Barrier ? Should You Be Using It? a. Wave Lengths of Light b. Climate Zones & Energy Trends 7. Product Features a. Longer Lengths b. Weather duration c. Taper feature d. Drainage
Course Schedule October 3, 2017, Logan, UT
Calendar Events
Date: 10/03/2017 Location: Cache
Keywords: Framing, Structure, OSB
Location(s): Cache
Teaching Method: Live
Company Name: Home Builders Association of Utah
Phone: 801-352-8266
Address: 9069 S 1300 W
City: West Jordan
State: UT
Postal Code: 84088
Email Address:
The Course Provider is: a professional association or organization involved in the construction trades
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Instructor First Name: Greg
Instructor Last Name: Bates
Instructor License #:
Instructor Resume: Greg Bates is a Field Marketing Manager for Norbord where he promotes engineered wood panels in the Southwest region throughout the distribution channel. For the nine years prior to joining Norbord, he was with APA where he worked with builders, framers, designers and code officials for the practical implementation of framing products and building codes in the ?eld. He has been a speaker at the International Builders Show on the topics of building codes, moisture intrusion, and framing practices.

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