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Personal Driving Record

Requesting Your Driving Record

This service allows you to purchase your personal MVR (otherwise known as a driving record). If you do not have a credit card/debit card with updated information that matches your driver license record, you may obtain an MVR in person at a local field station.

For more information about obtaining an MVR by mail or office visit, please go to: Mail-In requests or In-Person requests

Please Note

You may not purchase an MVR for anyone other than yourself. Your credit card/debit card billing information will be matched with your driver license record on file. Please note that for security purposes this information must match.

Request New Record

Request your personal driving record here. If there are updates or changes to the record once you have purchased a personal driving record, you will be required to request and purchase a new record to view the updated information.

Request Record

Redownload Your Record

If you have purchased your personal driving record within the last ten days, you may click the redownload button to download your record again at no charge. If you have updated your record (i.e. paid off reinstatement fees) you will need to request and purchase a new driving record to view updated information.

Redownload Record