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On the Spot Renewal - For Stations

Station Log In

NEW! Stations can now issue 15 day temporary operating permits to their customers when they pay the applicable renewal fees plus a $6 state permit fee. The station can then print the temporary permit for the customer.

Once the customer has passed the required inspections, the station will be able to complete the registration, issue the decal and print the final registration certificate.

Hello! It has been Division policy to issue customers' a month decal during all renewal transactions due to manufacturer fading and peeling issues a number of years ago. The Division now feels these replacement efforts , for the most part, have met the needs to remedy past monthly decal issues. Effective immediately, it is not required to automatically issue customers' a month decal during renewals. However, it is a good practice to ask customers if they need a replacement or if you are updating the renewal month. This will help reduce costs and eliminate overstocking of monthly decals in the warehouse.