It's good to be On the Spot

How To Increase Your On The Spot Transactions, and Increase Your Revenue

  1. Educate your customer. Display information about the service on your windows, in the store, and at the register. For ideas on ways to display information, click here
  2. Offer the service to your customers. Registering their vehicles at your site is easy and will save them time in registering it for themselves. Or, you can offer a promotion to use the service as an incentive for people to use your other services. For example, offer the service for free with a safety inspection, or any of your special services. Click here for access to promotion ideas.
  3. Consider your price. In studying the prices that safety/emissions stations were offering, we discovered that those that were making the most money were those stations offering the service for $7.00. Click here to see the study details.
  4. Use the logo. The on the SPOT logo is on every renewal notice that the DMV sends out. If you want customers to know that your station offers the service, use the logo. Click here to download the logo.